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COLUMN: The Law in Real Life: Florida Ruling Indicates Bans on Gay Adoption Lack Logic and Relevance (Monday 29 September 2008)
Columnist Linda Holmes discusses why a Florida ruling indicates that bans on gay adoption lack logic and relevance.

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Family Law Icn_hasVideo
Family law includes all legal matters related to the formation of family relationships and their dissolution.

Domestic Adoption
The process of adopting a child domestically involves several steps.

Adoption Laws
Whether a person may adopt depends on the state in which the prospective adoptive parent resides. State laws and rules of agencies located therein govern adoption.

Agency Adoption
Domestic adoptions essentially come in two forms: agency adoptions and private, or independent, adoptions.

Home Study
The first step in any adoption is for the prospective adoptive parents to have a home study conducted.

Termination of Parental Rights
In any adoption, the parental rights and duties of the birth mother and any potential birth father must be terminated by the court in order for the prospective adoptive family to adopt the child.

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The Child Welfare Information Gateway offers information about laws in adoption and child welfare (Thursday 27 March 2008)
The Child Welfare Information Gateway offers information about adoption and child welfare.

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