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Personal injury law covers physical, emotional and financial injuries caused by accidents, defective products, environmental hazards or certain intentional acts.


The family law of each state governs the formation and breakup of family relationships. State laws vary greatly in this emotional area of law.


Criminal law involves prosecution by the government for acts harmful to society. Punishment for various crimes differs from state to state.


Issues relating to the employer–employee relationship are governed by numerous federal and state laws.


This area of federal law regulates the movement of people into the U.S. on either a temporary or permanent basis.


This area of federal law provides relief to debtors unable to pay their creditors, usually involving the distribution of the debtor's assets among creditors.


Intellectual property law protects the rights of individuals to control and benefit from their original ideas and creations. Federal law governs most of this area.


All individuals and businesses are affected by various state and federal taxes, including taxation of income, property and estates.

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Other Practice Areas

Icn_businessLaw Business Law
Business law governs the formation and operation of business entities.
Icn_bankingFinance Banking, Finance & Securities
Various federal and state laws protect individual rights and aim to prevent discrimination.
Icn_consumerRights Consumer Rights Law
Numerous laws and regulations protect the interests of consumers in certain transactions with businesses.
Icn_elderLaw Wills, Trusts & Estates
Wills, trusts and estates provide ways for individuals and families to plan and manage the transfer of property.
Icn_govtAgencies Government Agencies & Programs
Federal and state agencies administer government contracts and benefits such as Social Security, and Medicare.
Icn_lawsuitsDisputes Lawsuits & Disputes
Lawsuits are a common way to handle disputes, but alternatives exist such as arbitration and mediation.
Icn_realEstate Real Estate Law
Various state and federal laws govern real estate transactions, mortgages, landlord–tenant issues and land use.