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Adoption Laws

You may be considering adoption for a variety of reasons. You may want to legally adopt the children of a new spouse. You may be unable to build your family biologically. You may need to provide a home to the children of a sibling or other family member who has lost parental rights. The Reasons […]

Family Law

Family Law Websites General Family Law – General family law site from the ‘Lectric Law Library. (Last revised in 2005.) ABA Section on Family Law – Links to family law web sites, compiled by the ABA. International Family Law – Links to country-specific information on divorce, child custody, child abduction, and more. Marriage and relationships […]

Child support

Both parents are under a legal obligation to support their children financially, based on their ability to do so. When the parents cannot come to an agreement about child support, a court can be petitioned to step in and create a binding arrangement, usually in the form of a monthly payment. If you are paying […]

Child support

Determining child support can be approached from two ways. The first approach calls for calculating the cost of supporting a child, while the second looks at how much a parent is capable of contributing toward the child’s welfare. The federal government requires all states to have calculation guidelines for child support orders, which can be […]

Child Support

Lea en español In the aftermath of a divorce, when there are minor children involved, one parent obtains rights and obligations as the custodial parent, and the other parent assumes duties and privileges as the non-custodial parent. In most instances, the non-custodial parent will take on a child support obligation, the requirement to provide a […]

Fathers’ Rights

Lea en español According to national statistics, more than 24 million children in the United States don’t reside with their biological father. Studies show, however, that when non-custodial fathers are regularly involved in their children’s lives, children do better in school, participate more in extra-curricular activities, and have a greater sense of self-esteem. Until recently, […]

Family Law and Divorce

Lea en español When things aren’t going well in your family—the bonds between you and your spouse have been broken, or you’ve been unable to build a family—the emotional challenges can make it difficult to take the right steps to protect yourself. Uncertainty about what the future holds can cause significant stress and anxiety. Often, […]