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Defendants are strictly liable for defective products

Statutes regarding liability for defective products vary from state to state. Most states, however, make defendants that manufacture defective products subject to strict liability instead of mere negligence. Strict liability means that the plaintiff need not prove the defendant is at fault. The plaintiff must prove only that the defendant manufactured a defective product. In […]

COMMENTARY: The Corporate Reaction to Defective Product Litigation

COMMENTARY: The Corporate Reaction to Defective Product Litigation by Robert A. Schwartz, Attorney at Law Sept. 26, 2007 Nine-month-old Liam John died of asphyxiation in his crib on April 11, 2005. The drop rail had detached from its plastic track, creating a gap through which Liam slipped feet-first. Instead of falling to the floor, which […]

Lemon laws

Although it is most known and used for the protection of car buyers, lemon laws also can extend to other products such as computers and televisions. Lemon law is an area of consumer-protection law that enables an automotive customer to return a defective new car to the manufacturer. If the manufacturer refuses to accept the […]

Product Liability

Lea en español Under state and federal laws, companies and individuals who market products in the United States have duties to buyers, users and bystanders for injury or loss sustained because of defects in design, manufacturing or marketing of the goods. As a general rule, any party within the chain of development, production and distribution […]

Accident, Injury and Malpractice

Lea en español You can take all the necessary precautions—pay close attention while you are driving, carefully research products before you buy them, seek the best medical care—and you can still experience the life-changing consequences of a personal injury. When you can’t work because of someone else’s carelessness, or need extensive medical treatment because of […]