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Adoption Laws

Lea en español Adoption Laws You may be considering adoption for a variety of reasons. You may want to legally adopt the children of a new spouse. You may be unable to build your family biologically. You may need to provide a home to the children of a sibling or other family member who has […]

Family Law

Family Law Websites General Family Law – General family law site from the ‘Lectric Law Library. (Last revised in 2005.) ABA Section on Family Law – Links to family law web sites, compiled by the ABA. International Family Law – Links to country-specific information on divorce, child custody, child abduction, and more. Marriage and relationships […]

Tuition Support : Child support and College Tuition

Normally, a parent must pay child support until the child’s 18th birthday. But some state provide an exception for children who need help paying for college tuition after the age of 18. In some states, a parent is not required to assist with tuition unless it is specified in a divorce decree or a specific […]

Child support

Both parents are under a legal obligation to support their children financially, based on their ability to do so. When the parents cannot come to an agreement about child support, a court can be petitioned to step in and create a binding arrangement, usually in the form of a monthly payment. If you are paying […]

Child support

Determining child support can be approached from two ways. The first approach calls for calculating the cost of supporting a child, while the second looks at how much a parent is capable of contributing toward the child’s welfare. The federal government requires all states to have calculation guidelines for child support orders, which can be […]

Old Paternity Laws Don’t Work in Today’s World

h1>Old Paternity Laws Don’t Work in Today’s World writer Laura L. Smith Paternity fraud took a Hollywood slant this week when comedian and actor Chris Rock released a statement declaring that a DNA test disproves a woman’s claim that he fathered her 13-year-old son. Rock puts the spotlight on a very hot topic. ”Put […]

Child Support

Lea en español In the aftermath of a divorce, when there are minor children involved, one parent obtains rights and obligations as the custodial parent, and the other parent assumes duties and privileges as the non-custodial parent. In most instances, the non-custodial parent will take on a child support obligation, the requirement to provide a […]

Fathers’ Rights

Lea en español According to national statistics, more than 24 million children in the United States don’t reside with their biological father. Studies show, however, that when non-custodial fathers are regularly involved in their children’s lives, children do better in school, participate more in extra-curricular activities, and have a greater sense of self-esteem. Until recently, […]

Family Law and Divorce

Lea en español When things aren’t going well in your family—the bonds between you and your spouse have been broken, or you’ve been unable to build a family—the emotional challenges can make it difficult to take the right steps to protect yourself. Uncertainty about what the future holds can cause significant stress and anxiety. Often, […]