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Foreclosure Help & Information

The Department of Housing and Urban Development provides information for people facing foreclosure as well as tips on avoiding foreclosure-prevention scams. Social Share

An Explanation of Ch 7 Bankruptcy | Get Legal Information

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most common form of bankruptcy and is used by individuals and businesses to get out of debt. Once you file for Chapter 7, a trustee will be appointed to take over your assets and determine what property is exempt and non-exempt. Exempt property, such as your home and one car, […]

Consumer Bankruptcy

Lea en español The Different Types of Personal Bankruptcy If you want to use the federal bankruptcy laws to address personal financial challenges, you must generally file a petition under Chapter 7 or under Chapter 13. Regardless of the type of filing, you will immediately be entitled to what the bankruptcy law calls the “automatic […]

Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Law Websites Bankruptcy: An Overview – Links to U.S. statutes and regulations, as well as relevant business statutes for each state. HG: Bankruptcy – Dozens of bankruptcy law links from Hieros Gamos, including international links, associations, and articles. Internet Bankruptcy Library – Award-winning site linking to news articles, books, and forums. Also links to […]

Bankruptcy FAQs

Lea en español What is bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is a legal action for debtors to deal with insolvency. Most debtors are given relief even if there is not a complete discharge of debts. There are various types of bankruptcy, and debtors are eligible for certain forms of bankruptcy based on their financial situation, their type of business […]

Types of bankruptcy

Each of the four major types of bankruptcy has its own set of guidelines and regulations. Chapter 7 may be used by businesses and individuals and involves the liquidation of any assets and immediate payment of debts. Chapter 13 often is used by individuals and smaller businesses and involves payment over a period of time. […]

Bankruptcy And Debt

Lea en español It can happen to just about anyone. An unexpected event—the loss of your job, an injury or illness, or a divorce—can suddenly make it impossible for you to meet your financial obligations. The American bankruptcy laws were enacted to give people the opportunity for a fresh start—to put behind them the stress […]