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Colorado’s green laws prohibit people from mutilating the rocks in Colorado state parks

Colorado 25-13-105 – It is unlawful for any person to willfully mar, mutilate, deface, disfigure, or injure beyond normal use any rocks, trees, shrubbery, wild flowers, or other features of the natural environment in recreation areas of the state. Social Share

Environmental Law

Environmental Law Websites General Environmental Law Net — Comprehensive site for environmental statutes, cases, agencies, compliance, enforcement, litigation and transactions (i.e., environmental concerns when buying/selling property, such as mold, lead paint and asbestos). Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide — Network of public-interest attorneys, scientists and other environmental advocates. Legal and Scientific Resources links to cases, publications […]

Environmental law

Lea en español Over the last half century, with the recognition that unregulated use of natural resources and unmanaged industrial production can have a broad range of undesirable consequences, a body of law has developed that seeks to balance the interests of commerce and the economy with the need to protect the health and welfare […]