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Other Types of Discrimination

Other Types of Discrimination Equal Pay Several laws entitle workers who perform “substantially equal” work to be paid equally. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 applies only to equal pay regarding sex. Other laws, such as Title VII, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, prohibit discrimination in pay regarding […]

COLUMN: The Law in Real Life: Sick Leave Policy: Legislation Could Ease Burden on Sick Workers

COLUMN: The Law in Real Life by Linda Holmes, J.D. Sick Leave Policy: Legislation Could Ease Burden on Sick Workers Aug. 26, 2008 Think about the last time you ate food that other people had recently touched. Fast-food cooks, grocery store clerks, baristas — whoever. How confident are you that these people weren’t sick? Would […]

Job Termination

Lea en español Protecting Yourself from the Loss of Your Job Most states have laws establishing employment as “at will.” This means that either party may terminate the agreement at any time, for any legal reason, provided there is not a written contract for employment. There are limitations on terminating an employee, and employees who […]

Labor and Employment Law

Labor & Employment Law Websites General Employment Law Information Network – Gateway site offering federal and state law articles, case summaries, forms and contracts, HR documents, and a weekly newsletter. Employment, Labor, and Pension Law – List of employment law sites from the‘Lectric Law Library. Labor issues – Directory of unions and union resources […]

The Family and Medical Leave Act

Lea en español An Overview of the Family and Medical Leave Act Under the provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act, enacted in 1993, qualified employees have the right to take unpaid leave for up to 12 weeks without the risk of losing their jobs. There are restrictions—a person is entitled to only one 12 […]

Federal and State FMLA Laws

Federal and State FMLA Laws Federal Versus State Laws Addressing Family Leave When taking FMLA leave, employees should first be sure they and their employers are covered by the act. Next, employees should consult with a local attorney to determine how any state family-leave laws affect their rights under the FMLA, which is a federal […]

Employer and Employee Responsibilities

Lea en español Employer and Employee Responsibilities Employer Responsibilities The employer must provide the employee with a timely and definite determination of whether the employee is covered by the FMLA. The employer must tell the employee if he or she may combine paid leave with unpaid leave. Under the FMLA, the employer must provide the […]

Definitions and Sources

Lea en español Definitions and Sources The Labor Department has provided the following FMLA general definitions. Employee benefits: Benefits provided or available to employees, such as health, life and disability insurance; sick leave; educational reimbursement; and pensions. Health care provider: A doctor licensed to practice medicine or surgery by the state and any other person […]

Employment Law

Lea en español Your job is more than just a way to pay your bills. If you are like many of us, your job is a means for you to provide for your family and is where you spend most of your time when you are not at home. So, it is important that your […]