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Lease Agreements and Landlord-Tenant Law

Lea en español The Laws Governing Landlord –Tenant Relationships In most states, the laws establishing the rights and responsibilities of landlords and their tenants are a blend of statutory and common law. Typically, states have enacted legislation governing the relationship, but the courts get involved in construing the provisions of the statutes. A number of […]

Sublease Law : Right to Sublease an Apartment

Lea en español States differ on whether a tenant may sublease an apartment without the express permission in the tenant’s lease or consent from the landlord. If your lease permits subleasing, the fact that your landlord does not consent to it should not deter you from subleasing. If your lease does not allow subleasing or […]

Real Estate Law

Websites General ABA Section of Real Property, Trust & Estate Law – Links to member information, CLE courses, publications (e.g., Probate and Property Magazine), and other resources. Real Estate Transactions – Offers an overview of this area of law. Also links to federal and state statutes, important case law, and more. Real Estate Law – […]

What to do when a landlord fails to make repairs

Lea en español In most states, if a landlord does not make repairs that would keep a living unit up to code, the tenant has legal recourse. However, it generally is not legal to withhold rent as a means to coerce the landlord into making repairs. Typically, the tenant must file an action with a […]

Housing discrimination

Lea en español Housing discrimination can take many forms. If you suspect that decisions about your housing have been impacted by race, national origin, sex, religion, disability or other issues, you may be eligible for assistance under the federal Fair Housing Act. Keep careful record of all dealings and contact an attorney right away. HUD […]

Rental Laws

Lea en español Rental law governs the rental of commercial and residential property. It is composed primarily of state statutory and common law. A number of states have based their statutory law on either the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act or the Model Residential Landlord–Tenant Code. Federal statutory law may be a factor in […]

Real Estate Law

Lea en español You’ve been saving for a down payment for your own place…or the family’s growing and you need more room…or the kids are on their own and it’s time to downscale. When you are looking to buy, sell or rent real property, the more you know about the law, your rights and your […]