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Foreclosure Help & Information

The Department of Housing and Urban Development provides information for people facing foreclosure as well as tips on avoiding foreclosure-prevention scams. Social Share

Lease Agreements and Landlord-Tenant Law

Lea en español The Laws Governing Landlord –Tenant Relationships In most states, the laws establishing the rights and responsibilities of landlords and their tenants are a blend of statutory and common law. Typically, states have enacted legislation governing the relationship, but the courts get involved in construing the provisions of the statutes. A number of […]

Subprime Mortgage Crisis

Subprime Mortgage Crisis The current mortgage crisis has brought to light subprime mortgage lending. A subprime mortgage is a loan granted to borrowers with poor credit ratings who cannot qualify for a conventional mortgage. Because of the increased risk to the lender in this type of loan, the lender charges an interest rate above the […]

Loan Questions

Loan Questions Mortgage Answers How can I protect myself from dishonest lending practices, such as misrepresentation of mortgage terms? Both federal and state laws protect borrowers. Many states have increased protection because of the current mortgage crisis. Familiarize yourself with the basics of lending laws by finding out what is prohibited, then read every document […]


Foreclosure Foreclosure is a legal process in which a borrower in default on a mortgage loses his or her property. The process allows a bank or other creditor to sell or repossess the property because of the borrower’s violation of the mortgage contract. Types of Foreclosures Depending on the terms of the mortgage contract, a […]

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law Websites General ABA Section of Real Property, Trust & Estate Law – Links to member information, CLE courses, publications (e.g., Probate and Property Magazine), and other resources. Real Estate Transactions – Offers an overview of this area of law. Also links to federal and state statutes, important case law, and more. Real […]

Loan Documents and Mortgages

Lea en español Mortgage Documents A mortgage involves two important legal documents: a promissory note and either a mortgage document or deed of trust. The Promissory Note The promissory note (also called a mortgage note or real estate note) is a note the buyer gives to the lender promising to repay the amount of the […]

The American Dream — or Not: What the Subprime Mortgage Lending Crisis Means to Americans

The American Dream — or Not What the Subprime Mortgage Lending Crisis Means to Americans by James R. Nowlin III, Esq. Feb. 28, 2008 What was once the fast track to home ownership is now one of the weakest links in America’s economy. The subprime mortgage lending meltdown has had a dramatic impact on the […]

Real Estate Law

Lea en español You’ve been saving for a down payment for your own place…or the family’s growing and you need more room…or the kids are on their own and it’s time to downscale. When you are looking to buy, sell or rent real property, the more you know about the law, your rights and your […]